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Dating a Younger Woman: Advice, Pros & Cons

Today, age does not seem to matter anymore in the world of dating. A lot of men, however, do prefer dating younger women.

Exploring the reasons

It may be as simple as wanting someone who is young and attractive, or as practical as making sure that the woman is still in reproductive age, or something more psychological, as an ego-booster.

Older men want to feel younger than they really are.

Younger women, on the other hand, are dating older men because they view these men as wiser, more secure, and more experienced.

Discovering the benefits

With an older man and a younger woman involved in a relationship, there is more possibility of producing offspring than if an older woman and younger man are together. If this relationship is in the context of a loving marriage, the woman’s fertility may come into factor.

The society also more easily accepts a relationship if it is the man who is older and not the woman.

Investigating the downsides

If the age gap is extreme, the couple will have to face many difficulties.

Though there are examples of successful relationships wherein the woman is much younger, most relationships involving a much younger woman often fail. One crucial factor to this is generation gap.

The two may end up having few in common.

Another factor is the man’s longevity. Even if the relationship is successful enough, he may die or become physically weak long before the woman is past her prime. A particularly cruel factor is if the woman actually entered the relationship due to false pretenses, such as not actually loving the man himself but his money.

Tips on dating a younger woman

If you are an older man looking to have a relationship with a younger woman, you have to consider both your and her motivations. If the motivations turn out to be genuine both ways, you still have to work hard.

Not only do you have to fend off negative comments from some family and friends, you also both have to make several adjustments.

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