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Dating an Older Woman: Tips, Benefits & More

Dating an older woman is no longer taboo. In fact, a term that describes women who date younger men has recently become popular: cougar. However, not everyone has fully accepted this growing dating phenomenon.

Still, there are some happy couples who prove that cougars and their younger mates can actually make a relationship work.

Why Men Should Date Older Women

Older women are more experienced. A younger man may find it refreshing to find a partner who is more open and more outspoken about relationships and sexuality. While men reach their sexuality peak in their 20s, women may do so in their thirties and forties.

So a younger man and an older woman can actually become a match in the bedroom. Older women are also more forward and more self-assured when it comes to relationships. So, younger men do not have to keep on guessing.

They will also find it liberating to be with someone who is less clingy.

The Negative Side of Dating an Older Woman

People will definitely talk. Both cougar and her younger mate will be questioned by society.

She will be considered to be robbing the cradle while he will be thought of as a man with a hidden agenda. Besides the social stigma, the age difference itself should be examined.

If a younger man wants children, he cannot expect it from his fifty year old partner. It is also generally believed that men take longer to mature. So, an older woman and a younger man is a clash waiting to happen; the age gap becomes even wider when face with the maturity issue.

Tips on Dating Older Women

If you are a younger guy seeking to date an older woman, you must examine what you really want in a relationship. If you are willing to sacrifice the possibility of having children, you can date much older women way past their reproductive prime.

However, children can still be possible if you the woman is in her thirties or forties. Make sure that you can keep a mature conversation, however. Keep an honest relationship with her. Also make sure that you pamper her once in awhile to the point that she feels like the younger one, protected by a competent male.

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