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Dating Fatigue

Have you been dating for the nth time`? Quite tired of it now? Then you must be experiencing dating fatigue.

Dating fatigue is a condition wherein you feel like you’ve exceeded your dating limits and you just want to give it a rest. Looking for the “right one” can be really challenging, especially when you’ve already gone out with many different people and you still can’t find the one that melts your heart. Going out on dates does not assure you would find the person that you’re looking for. But that doesn’t mean you have to give it up and stop looking for love. There’s a way out of dating fatigue. Here are three of the most effective dating fatigue remedies:

1. Not everything comes according to plan. Love is one of them. So stop looking and give yourself a break. Don’t stress. Give yourself enough time to relax and enjoy life as a single person. Go out with friends, try different things, and simply have fun until such time that you’re ready to meet prospective partners again.

2. Quit planning and expecting. Its ok to hope but it’s better to keep it controlled so as to avoid disappointment. Treat first dates as a way for some “preliminary assessment”. Try to keep them short as if you’re just testing the waters. Anyway, it’s only your first date and if there are next dates to expect, then you wouldn’t have to stay as if there’s no tomorrow.

Quit thinking that you’re about to meet the “right one” in every date because you’d really get tired of hoping that way.

3. Prepare for adjustments. You don’t have to lower your standards but make sure that your standards are realistic. Also, don’t be boxed within those standards. Be more flexible and open to changes. Also, don’t just use your head and think. FEEL. After all, love is feeling.

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