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Dating Tips to Get that Second Date

If you want to get to that second date, don’t ruin the first one. By ruining it, you can be assured that you’ll probably never hear from your date again. But if you play things right, if you place all the right cards on the table during the first date, you can be sure that there will certainly be a second one.

Practice some self-control.

Many people make the big mistake of pouring their emotions and feelings on the first date. Take note, it is important that the other person gets to know you, but sometimes, too much information is simply suffocating.

The first date should always be fun, whether that entails an intimate conversation, or an evening of dancing at a club. Ne sure that the other person enjoys the date as much as you do. Always leave him or her wanting more.

Be honest, but reserve an air of mystery. Do not tell him or her your entire life’s story, with every little detail under the spotlight.

Known two sides to the story.

Always make your date feel important. Remember, you know yourself more than anyone else — you can spend an entire lifetime teaching the other person who you are.

But the other person? You need to find out what he or she is all about.

What makes him or her tick? What makes him or her happy? Ask, listen, and enjoy listening. You want the other person to feel that he or she can communicate with you.

Honesty is the key to getting a second date.

Finally, be honest about your feelings. If you wish your date would never come to an end, say it. Express your interest, but don’t impose.

Nothing can leave another person wanting more than the knowledge that the feeling is mutual.

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