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Getting back an ex

It’s been weeks and months but you still can’t get over your ex. You’ve tried meeting other people, but you still couldn’t help thinking about that girl you broke up with months ago even if you’ve already promised to get her out of your system. If you’ve already exhausted all possible ways to get over her but you still can’t, chances are you’re still in love with her.

Now don’t fret. As long as she’s not yet committed, you can still try to win her back. Here are some tips on getting back an ex.

First off, try to analyze why you broke up in the first place. What was the problem? What were the roots of the problem? Learn from your mistakes and try to make up for them. Make sure that you don’t commit the same mistakes again.

Now, when you try to win her back, try to show her that you’re strong and that you’re somebody to lean on. Though you may be willing to tell her that you just can’t live without her, there’s no use looking desperate and telling her that. Show her that you have confidence and you feel secure. Show her what a better man you’ve become.

Contrary to popular belief, making your ex jealous does not always work best. Instead, you can try set up meetings so you can both talk. Let him know that she is the best thing that ever happened in your life without looking as if you depend so much on her. Remember: you have to show her that you have moved on, and that you’ve become a better and more mature person because of her and because of the things that happened between the two of you. Sooner or later, she would end up realizing that she’s better of with you and that you complete each other.

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