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Getting over First Loves

Perhaps the most overused advice on getting over a first love is “move on.” Yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but the first love is different. It is with this person that you first realized how much you are capable of feeling and giving —- of sharing and loving. That is why it is never easy, and some might say that it is even impossible.

Make your decision and stick to it.

The first love is different from the first crush, or the first date. When you love someone for the first time, you are vulnerable and naive, and therefore tend to give so much of yourself that you are left feeling empty and cheated when the relationship has ended. But there is hope. There is always hope, and it does not just mysteriously appear at your front door one day. In fact, hope is ever present. At any moment, on any given day, you are capable of grabbing hope and moving on. But the decision has to be one that you desire, as well as one that you are sure of. You must believe, in your heart, that it is finally time to move on.

Embrace the whole new world.

Once you have made this decision, the world is reborn for you. You will notice that everything seems brand new again, and looking back is simply a task that you do not need anymore. Perhaps the best thing to do is meet new people. This will allow you to realize that although your first love was precious, there are other people out there who can make you happy, too. Learn to be open to this fact, and embrace it.

Consider dating.

Ask someone out on a date. And to really move away from the past, take this person to places you’ve been with your first love. Create new memories with this new person. Rebuild your life, and reopen your heart. Because at the end of every day, the truth is the one holds the key.

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