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4 Ways to make Eye Contact with your Crush

The first step to starting almost any relationship is through eye contact. When you meet a new person, you often make eye contact for a while, followed by a hand shake, a hug, a kiss, or maybe even a cold shoulder. In the dating realm, eye contact becomes even more important.

Oftentimes, it is eye contact that will let you know whether or not you have a shot with someone else. If you have a hard time making eye contact with others, then it’s likely that you may have a hard time dating as well. Here are some tips on how making eye contact can help you succeed in dating:

Know the importance of eye contact.

Eye contact is basically your primary introduction to the other person. When people make eye contact, a lot more than just stares are communicated to the other party. There is usually a certain connection between two people who make eye contact.

The sooner you are able to understand how important eye contact is when introducing yourself, the sooner you will be able to muster the courage to make eye contact with probable dates.

Make eye contact, but don’t stare for too long.

When you make eye contact with someone, try to make it brief, but meaningful. If you end up staring for too long, the other person may get intimidated or even freaked out. Make your point by showing that you are interested, but not obsessed.

Understand the different signals.

As mentioned earlier, eye contact is a form of communication. A lot of signs and signals are passed through eye contact and it’s important that you know what these signals are. One way of getting to know the signals that others send is by understanding your own signals to others. It also helps to ask friends what certain signals mean.

Know when to make the move.

Eye contact would mean nothing if you aren’t intent on taking action. If you make positive eye contact with someone and you know you aren’t receiving false signals, take the chance and make your move. Remember to be confident, calm, and charming.

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