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How to write a love letter

Though some might think love letters are way out of fashion, I’d say they’re not. Nothing beats the mental, emotional, and physical effort exerted on writing a love letter for somebody you really treasure. Besides, if you’re not that good at expressing your feelings in person, then you might as well trying putting them into writing.

How? Here are a few tips on ho to write a love letter.

1. Some people might say that it’s the thought that counts but since it’s a love letter, you might as well bother on the presentation. Hand-written love letters are usually the best. They’re perceived to be more sincere and personal. Also, take time choosing your paper and pen. I discourage the use of pen in other colors. Go for black or brown.

2. Compose your letter in a place where your mind would be clear and free from distractions. Somewhere quiet and peaceful would be ideal. It has to be some place where you can freely think of your loved one and your feelings.

3. Remember to put the date on your love letter. It’s an important keepsake and your loved one would appreciate it if you’d include the date.

4. In writing the salutation, use your beloved’s nickname or first name. Make it endearing and avoid being formal. This is not a business letter to begin with.

5. In writing the body of your letter, remember that sincerity is important. Don’t keep yourself from saying what you want to say. Pour your heart out and let your pen communicate your heart’s content. You’re not writing to impress your loved one with your highfaluting words, erotic words, and impressive quotations. Write with your “voice”.

Aside from the expression of love, there are also other purposes and topics used in love letters. Among them are missing someone, confession of love, saying goodbye, apologizing, and asking for a second chance, among others.

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