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How To Write Personal Ads and Profiles

The first that you should think of when writing an online dating profile is to come up with a catchy line. There are various ways of coming up with a catchy line. Do you want to be funny, philosophical, or sweet and romantic? Aside from your dating profile picture, the profile header is the first thing that users will see. So if you want your potential mates to click on your profile and not move on to the next in line, you should avoid overused, generic, and un-thought of lines.

A classic example of such opening lines is the “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” liner. Aside from being overused, this line sends the wrong message to your profile viewers. One, this line suggests that you’re embarrassed to be a member of that online community. Also, this can be interpreted by some to mean that you think all the other members are desperate and you don’t want to be associated with them. Although this line can just as easily mean that you’re a neophyte and are a bit shy, it still gives off a generally negative impression that you should altogether avoid.

Personal descriptions

“I like long walks on the beach.” This is a line that is overused. While holding hands and watching the sunset, at that. And while this isn’t to argue the fact that maybe you DO love long walks on the beach, perhaps there’s a better and more creative way of putting it. If you’re dead set on including this tidbit in your profile, perhaps you should instead state WHY you like walking on the shore. Instead of using the above-mentioned line, try “The feel of sand between my toes is the best.”

The person you’d like to meet

One of the most commonly used phrases under this section of the online dating profile is “someone with a sense of humor.” Again, specificity is key. What kind of humor makes you roll on the floor laughing? Are you a fan of slapstick humor or do you prefer the wry and dry type of humor? Instead of saying “someone who can make me laugh” or “someone funny,” say “someone with a sense of humor comparable to Jon Stewart’s,” or any of your favorite comedians for that matter. This way, you’re giving people a clearer idea of what you find humorous, which will consequently help them cook up ways to make you laugh.

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