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Meeting the Parents

Can’t calm the rats in your chest because you’re about to meet your girlfriend or boyfriend’s parents? Come on! There’s no need to be that nervous. Chill out, take a deep breath, and check out these tips while sipping your favorite frap.

1. The most important thing that you have to show your partner’s parents is honesty. Sincerity.

Stay real. If you’re planning try impressing them by pretending to be better than what or who you really are, then just drop it. If your love for their child is pure and your intentions good, it will show.

2. Prepare. Gather information on your partner’s family and learn them by heart. Anticipate questions that your partner’s parents might ask. Go as far as getting ready to be compared with your partner’s past relationships.

3. Dress appropriately. Be presentable, that is.

4. Face them with confidence. Don’t cower over their intimidating tone and their glares as if they’re sizing you up. In a way, they really are sizing you up, but you can’t help it. Just keep in mind that your partner found something in you, and he or she is the first one for you to please.

5. It wouldn’t hurt to show them how well you take care of their child. After all, their child is precious to them, and it’s worth showing them that you’re willing to take care of this precious person just as much as they can.

6. Remember to bid them goodbye before leaving. Courtesy and politeness are two important things to show your partner’s parents. Bidding farewell shows that you recognize and respect them.

7. After saying goodbye and preparing to leave, don’t look back, at least until you’re about to ride the car.

Though love primarily involves only you and your partner, parents are still an important factor. They’re important to your partner and anyway, you owe them a lot for raising your partner the way he or she is now.

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