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New Relationships and the First Four Weeks

How do you deal with new relationships? What should you do to make it last? Read on to learn what the first four weeks of a new relationship are all about, and what it takes to make them last an eternity. The first four weeks of a new relationship are said to be the most physically intimate.

When two people decide that they are ready to be in a relationship, they tend to express their feelings most naturally through physical intimacies, such as holding hands, touching, kissing, and sometimes even sex.

Look at the bigger picture.

Indeed, some may say that this is the best part of any relationship: the sparks are flying, the desire is burning, and the passion is undeniable. But sometimes, people tend to forget that all of these physical intimacies can be slowed down in order to build a stronger foundation for the relationship.

When two people enter a new relationship, the tendency is to desire the feeling of ownership of the other person.

The exclusivity between two people is indeed heightened by the exchange of physical expressions, but remember that these physical pleasures are not enough to make a relationship last.

Get to know each other through communication.

The key to any new relationship is communication. Before the person gets too involved in the relationship, it is only fair to communicate clearly about your personal intentions, desires, and beliefs.

So as not to break either of your hearts, be clear about what you really want. Is it a lifetime of kisses and no talking? Or, is it a desire for both constant communication and intimacy?

Let if flow.

Be yourself, and your partner will feel more comfortable being who he or she really is.

The beginning of any relationship is a crucial period — if you start it with honesty and sincerity, this very honesty and sincerity will guide you through every step of the way.

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