The Single Life Unscripted with Doris Martin

The Single Life Unscripted with Doris Martin

  • Here are some things you’ll discover in this show:
  • Why it sometimes feels like love can be elusive
  • The importance of setting concrete goals about what you’re looking for
  • The kind of routine a woman goes through to get ready to go on a date
  • What it feels like when a guy is rude to a girl on a date
  • Why the woman that you’re out with may not be able to just shake off things like you can
  • The two different thoughts a woman may have when she meets you for the first time and sees how you’re dressed
  • How you can use this one thing to make or break any relationship you go into
  • What makes the first date so important in establishing rapport
  • Why choosing when to tell your deepest stories about yourself can make the biggest impact on having a relationship
  • How to see your dating life as not being so serious so that you can have fun
  • Why Doris wants total consuming love and what that means for her


The Secret


Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) from Say Anything


“Laugh as much as you breathe; Love as long as you live.” – Unknown

About The Nice Guy Dating Daily Podcast

Nice Guy Dating Daily Podcast is a podcast and web show that will help YOU start finishing first with women. It features the most inspiring and successful experts in the field of personal development, mixed with rants from Kevin Alexander about his personal journey through dating, answers to some of your most pressing questions, and even success stories from guys just like YOU on Nice Guy Nation.

The show format is both a podcast and web show (YouTube), and is delivered daily, Monday through Friday.

Podcast episodes include rants about Kevin’s dating and life experiences, interviews with experts, and interviews with guys on Nice Guy Nation who have questions or want to share success stories. Information and advice includes health, fitness, fashion, finance, dating, sex and more.

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