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9 Sure Signs of Love at First Sight

Dating usually leads to intense emotions and attraction. Almost everyone has heard of “love at first sight,” and some people have even claimed to feel it at times.

Whether you believe in love at first sight or not, the fact remains that there is always a possibility of feeling utterly infatuated from the moment you first see and speak to another person.

Here are a couple of tips on how to keep your feelings in check when it comes to love at first sight:

#1 You swear you’ve met before

As the conversation plays out, they keep doing and saying things that make you certain you’ve met them before.

#2 Conversation comes easy

Speaking of conversation, when you happen to glance down at your watch to realize you’ve bet talking non-stop for 5 hours…well…this can be a good sign.

#3 You feel it in your stomach

Butterflies? Oh, you bet. The gut never lies.

#4 They’re not your usual ‘type’ yet you find them irresistible

We all have a ‘type’, whether we admit it or not. If you may be experiencing love at first sight, you may be surprised to learn that this person is nowhere near your actual ‘type’.

#5 You’re all nerves

If you find yourself overly nervous leading up to, and during the date, you may have found that special someone.

#6 They’re all you think about

A crush that just won’t stop. If you can’t seem to go 5 minutes without thinking about them, you’ve got someone special.

#7 You want to know every little thing about them

You’re asking questions and can’t wait to hear the answers. you’ve never been more interested in what anyone has had to say about anything, ever.

#8 You find them *really* attractive…but don’t know why

While physical attraction is fairly straight forward, sometimes you may feel yourself looking beyond the physical – and feeling a level of attraction that is beyond.

#9 You can see a future with them

If it’s been and hour and you’re already hearing wedding bells, you might have found that special someone.

Other considerations

While the above are all wonderful, you’ll also want to keep the below in mind:

Assess your feelings well.

If you have just had a first date and you feel like its love at first sight, be sure to take a step back and assess your feelings.

Many people end up getting carried away in the moment and sometimes even getting more involved than they should be. It is important not to make any hasty decisions or actions based on whim that you’ve found love on your first date or your first encounter with another person. Ask yourself if it really is “love” that you feel or if it’s just an intense attraction or perhaps even lust.

Also, be sure to assess the feelings of the other person. Sure, you may think it’s love at first sight, but is that what the other person feels as well?

Don’t get carried away.

The principal rule with regard to love at first sight is not to get carried away by your emotions and your feelings. It is easy to let your heart take the reins while your mind sits in the back seat. If you don’t keep your guard up, you can end up committing to someone more than you actually should.

You may even get hurt if the feelings you have are not mutual. Before you end up doing something you might regret in the future, take your time and be patient. Don’t expect everything to unfold into the most perfect relationship right off the bat.

Try to give consideration to both your mind and your heart when dating – it’s for your own good.

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