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ThirtySomething and Single

Whereas some people say that life begins at 40, it cannot be denied that the 30th birthday has its own share of provoking significant thoughts. When you reach the third decade of your life, you begin to think a lot and ask a lot of things. You begin to assess yourself, what you’ve had so far, and where you’re heading.

By this time, you have already reached a certain point in your career, and you must have already established what you want to be. It is then, when you become more mature, that you think of “other plans”. And that includes getting involved in some serious relationship. For some, being thirtysomething means it’s time to think about retiring from flings and merely physical relationships to start looking for somebody to grow old with.

However, being thirtysomething also implies higher risks in dating. You tend to be more careful in dating because it’s time to stop playing and to quit fooling around. You can’t afford to commit mistakes that you might regret in the future.

Since you’ve already gone out for countless times with countless people, you are prone to experience dating fatigue, or the condition of getting tired of dating. Somehow, you feel pressured of not finding the “right one”. And when you date, you can also be prone to facing dilemmas even in simple things such as where to date or what to wear.

However, few people realize that there’s no point stressing over being thirtysomething and single. Unless they calm down, relax, and stop putting pressure on themselves, they wouldn’t be able to go through their to-do’s well. People in their thirties aren’t that old. But they’re mature enough to make sound more responsible decisions. Being thirtysomething gives you the benefit of having sufficient life experiences to be able to plan the next decades of your life well.

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