Three Online Dating Rules You Should Break

Looking for love has never been easy as it is. How much more if rules were put into place. How online dating works mostly depends on the end-user’s habits and personality. So the rules may work for some and not for others. But if you’re new to the world of online dating, have a look at these rules that surely are breakable and might just lead your way to your online match:

Rule #1 Making a wishlist on your profile

All people have their own ideal partner but the hard truth is that you don’t always end up with them. Because they’re most likely nonexistent. Though putting up a wishlist on your dating profile might be practical, you’ll most likely scare off people who fancy you just because they don’t seem to pass your incredibly high expectations. It’s cool to still mention about what you’re for looking in a match but it’s important to bring down your expectations a little bit. Rather than saying “I want someone who’s 6ft tall, handsome, with dimples, and has a mawhawk”, share something about yourself like your interests and hobbies. Let them know something about you without being too showy but would still peak their interests, because of course you still want them to be curious enough to send you a message.

Rule #2 Sign up on general dating sites

Though it’s cool to sign up on dating sites who caters everyone, looking for your match there can be extra challenging. Of course you’ll get to meet people from different corners of the world but just like marketing, niching down can make the process much easier. There are many niche dating sites available on the internet nowadays, a good example are race based dating sites. Interracial dating sites has become a big thing years ago, it caters thousands to millions of new users every month. If you’re interested in going through with this venture, being aware is the key when it comes to dating someone with a different nationality. It’s important to do some research first on interracial dating tips, know what you should and shouldn’t do. Remember to always be yourself and be proud of who you are.

Rule #3 If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be

Just because you think that you two are meant to be together forever, you’ll just wait for fate and destiny to do its magic. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that. You don’t just sit around and wait for love to come to you. Simply putting up an online dating profile will not guarantee you a match if you don’t work on your profile and reach out to people. Love is real and once you find that special someone, all that effort and hard work will be all worth it.

Remember, online dating sites are not genies in a bottle that would grand you all your hearts desires. These are just platforms that connect and bring people together. When you go online, stay honest and be charming.

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