Topics You Shouldn’t Talk About on the First Date

The first date is a make or break situation. It can lead to several dates and maybe a relationship or become a complete disaster. The latter situation is easily avoided by making appropriate conversation. Here are some topics you should avoid to make sure the first date is fun, easy, and fruitful.


Marriage is the best way to freak out a person on a first date. You have probably just met this person or are just friends. He or she doesn’t know you well enough to consider marriage. Not everyone dates in order to get married in the end. To avoid any miscommunication, do not bring up marriage or anything related to it. This includes how many children you want, the house you will live in, retirement plans, and the car the kids will ride.


First dates are about getting to know someone and gaining an initial impression. Past boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, or husbands are usually not the first thing people ask. If the topic comes up, discuss general details and keep the conversation light. You don’t want to come out bitter and angry. Your date might think you are not ready for another person so it’s best to avoid previous relationships.

Money Honey

Money is another touchy and delicate subject. Like politics, everyone has a different view on how much you should spend and what to buy. Your date might be into saving while you prefer to splurge at the first pay check. To prevent any conflict, do not mention your shopping habits or outright say you are after someone with money. Credit rates and sales are a boring topic to men anyway. Gold diggers usually give themselves away anyway without bringing up how much you earn and spend.

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