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Should We Try Couples Counselling While We’re Still Dating?

In the recent times, couples therapy has extended not only to long-term relationships but also to individuals in new relationships.

First, What do the studies say?

Studies conducted by the University of Miami reveal that counselling among couples before dating increases emotional satisfaction among the partners which impacts positively on their love affair as its advantages are unmatched.

Through counseling couples are able to improve their way of communicating with one another. People have set the bar high for the type of partner they want. Evidently, during dating one brings his or her individual demands, desires and hopes to their relationships.

Therefore, an effective discussion and negotiation is essential in sharing individual needs, perceptions and fears to achieve a healthy relationship. The skill of effective communication among couples can only be acquired by visiting a qualified couple’s counselor. The counselor teaches the couples to talk openly and honestly with each other .Frequent visit to a counselor before dating play an influential role in reducing the count and intensity of arguments during a relationship.

Couples are taught on how to calmly deal with a certain situation that might seem to have offended them which paves way for a prosperous and healthy relation that is highly likely to lead to marriage.


Couples counseling helps to regenerate lost intimacy and bring back a feeling of re-connection in relationships. During the early stages of an affair, couples tend to have high emotional and sexual feelings towards each other. However, as time goes by they get used to seeing each other hence their feelings and desires begin to fade. According to Edmonton based Insight Psychological, an experienced marriage counsellor helps “rejuvenate the lost emotional and physical connection between the partners”.

The couple’s therapist employs processes that helps individuals restore their feelings and sexual desire towards one another hence paving way for a healthy affair. Additionally, couples will learn how to relate better in an emotional way. Clearly, couples who relate in a more emotional manner are motivated and committed to a successful affair.

Some partners are loyal to their careers, businesses or achievements. Often they would want to prioritize these factors even when they are in a relationship, which may discourage the other partner. For a partner who feels ambivalent or rather uncertain about the relationship, a session with a counselor serves as a good faith attempt at appeasing the other partner. Essentially one will be able to tell if he or she is good enough to take the relationship to another level.

Role of the Counsellor

The counsellor plays an influential role in airing concerns and fears about the commitments in the relationship. Visiting a therapist makes it more likely that the couples will commit.

Besides addressing the fears and concerns the therapist also discusses responsibilities that may come up amid the commitments and pledges within the relationship. Working together with a professional couple counselor may help couples to reach workable agreements and resolve pending issues. Premarital counseling also reduces the risks of divorce as both partners are advised to emphasize on faithfulness in marriage and having respect to each other.

Sign of the times

Today, we read about numerous divorces because couples are rushing into marriages or cohabiting without creating enough time to know and understand each other. Partners begin to lose motivation in the relationship once they learn about each other’s weaknesses.

A therapist will help couples to understand each other, learn about the strengths and provide long-term measures to iron out their weakness. Experts argue that marital satisfaction is increases once the couples are to identify their fears, beliefs, weaknesses and dreams. Couples will also learn about better ways to resolve conflict. Conflicts do not have to end up in separation, divorce or break ups.

Simple fights may cause significant tension and can steer the relationship into failing. Therapy sessions will help to bridge the gaps that cause the tension.  Besides reducing the emotional distance between the couples, timely therapy sessions can help prevent couples from breaking up.

If you are planning on dating I highly recommend that you visit a counselor first. While some counselors might not be patient enough to listen to unmarried couples, it is important that you find the right therapist for your sessions.

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