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Why Women Can’t Commit

It is widely accepted for men to be hesitant about commitment. Nowadays, however, women can no longer commit as easily. Why women can no longer commit in a flash may be primarily due to the differently-minded society of today.

It’s a new world!

In this modern world, women are continuously aiming for equality in the workplace and in society as a whole. Because of this, they are no longer the housewife-domestic types that women have been perceived or expected to be. Instead, they now have more open sexual lives, more aggressive in the workplace, and are, overall, more independent.

Career-driven lives

Women, in their quest for workplace equality, are driving themselves to their highest potentials. Because of this, romance is no longer the focus of their lives. They live in a world where earnings and position matter not only to men but also to women. Modern women want to prove themselves as professionals and as experts in their fields before they can even think of marriage. They no longer want to take the back seat to prospective husbands, who may want to become the sole breadwinners in the family.

Finding the perfect guy

It can also be a matter of looking for the perfect guy. Women are no longer willing to commit for the sake of commitment to the first guy that they fall in love with. Instead, they are seeking to make their lives exactly how they want it. They have already invested so much time, effort, and talent into self-improvement that they do not want to rush head on to what may be a disaster.

Change of lifestyle

Modern women have wider social circles and more active professional lives. Some of them are afraid to give up the life they are used to by getting married. They feel that having a husband and kids can completely change their lives for the worse.

Options for the free woman

Women can now afford to be unmarried in their 30s, maybe even their 40s. It seems like times are changing and they are no longer expected to be married at 25. If ever they long for children later on in their life, they do not even have to find guys to make this happen. With existing artificial insemination technology, women are given the chance to become even more independent. They can have children without having to snatch a husband.

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