Dating Tips for Divorced Guys

You might feel like all those years where thrown away after signing the divorce papers. You sudden feel lost, and whether you admit it or not, a bit scared after stepping out of the married life. But now that you’re a bachelor, nothing should stop you from celebrating your freedom by hitting the dating scene all over again. But what could probably stop you from enjoying your new status is the apprehension you might have about your new life. Times are changing, and your game plan when you started dating your wife may not work this time, given an entirely new situation and dating scene. Here are some dating advice for divorced guys.

Have the right attitude.

It pays to have a very positive outlook in life. Whatever ill feelings you have with your wife or family life, don’t let this ruin you. Don’t dwell on your horrible past, but find ways to keep yourself busy, healthy, and in good shape. If you must talk about your troubled past, confide in family and friends or even a psychiatrist, if you feel like you need professional help. But never bring this up when dating a new girl.

Get yourself groomed.

Now is that perfect time to think about makeovers. Perhaps you badly need a shave or you need a new haircut. A trip to a guy’s salon will give you a fresh, new look. Get yourself some new shirts, a new jacket, or wardrobe. You want to feel better inside and out, and you certainly don’t want to turn off women with that harassed look after weeks of discussing divorce with your wife.

Get into sports and try out something new.

Be in better shape and keep yourself busy with a sport activity. This will help you relax and get your mind off other things. You can hang out with friends or join new clubs, where you are likely to meet other people, including divorced women and single ladies. Create a new circle of friends and engage in new activities. You can step into a new club, take a girl to a new restaurant, or simply take adventure trips.

Know how to approach women.

Drop off those cheesy pickup lines. Women are smarter now not to fall for them. The first thing you have to work on is your confidence, and it easily shows if you got yourself some good grooming and some nice clothes that actually make you look younger. Always be ready with a smile but don’t be too eager to buy every woman you can find some drinks. Instead, build attraction and maintain a good eye contact with the woman you’re attracted to. Be friendly and nice. Have a light chit-chat and take it from there.

Don’t jump into another serious relationship.

Don’t rush and be serious. You want to be completely over your past relationship before you move in with a new girl, especially if you have children. Just have fun and take it slow. Don’t make promises and just cherish the new adventure in your life.

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