Dating Your College Professor – is it Illegal for a College Professor to date a Student?

Are you enjoying classes more than you should? Do you look forward to classes because of the professor and not because of the topic? Have you and your professor been engaged in interesting conversations? Are you thinking about asking your professor out? Before you decide to talk to him or her after class, here are some important points to consider.

The rules

Chances are, dating your professor is against the university rules. Refer to your student handbook prior to fantasizing dating possibilities. If it is against the rules, reconsider your feeling and focus your attention on the class. You are enrolled to obtain a degree, not to date and mess around.

There are many issues behind dating a professor. The first problem is the grade he or she gives you. Other students might think you are getting high grades because you’re together. The opposite may also happen: you and the professor are fighting, affecting his or her judgment. You end up not getting the grade you deserve.

Bad reputation

Two reputations are at stake by dating a professor: his or hers and yours. The professor might be charged with sexual harassment, saying that he or she promised a good grade for sexual harassment. This charge can end his or her entire academic career.

You also have to consider how the other professors see you. Most likely these others are the professor’s friends and probably don’t approve of him or her dating someone younger. This will also affect your other grades and reputation in the university.

Before you decide to date a professor, consider first the long-term effects.

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