Mastering The Double Date

Some couples love to go on double dates because it allows them to spend time with their loved ones and friends all at the same time. If you’re considering a double date, first ask your partner if he or she is up to it. The both of you should be willing to enjoy the date completely. Once he or she is up to it, you can both choose the couple to date. It’s best to pick a pair you are good friends with. If you or your partner does not get along with one person in the other couple, don’t bother asking them out.

What to do

Once you’ve chosen a couple, ask them what activity they prefer to do on the date. Are they up for eating? If a restaurant set-up is preferable, ask them if they are allergic to any kinds of food. On a first double date, pick a place that serves broad taste. It’s safer to not be adventurous on the first date.

Paying the bill

When it comes to the bill, don’t force the other pair to spend too much. If you are sharing the food to order, ask them first what they prefer. Apart from the food type, they will look at the price and if it is within their budget. It’s better to plan the budget prior to the date. Give the couple several restaurant choices, including references that show the price range and cuisine.

Avoiding awkwardness

If you are meeting your friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend for the first time, you can avoid awkward situations by watching a movie or seeing a concert. This gives you topics to talk about after the event.

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