Pros and Cons of Speed Dating

Today’s fast-paced and on-the-go lifestyle choices have led to the development of speed dating. Unlike monogamous or casual dating, speed dating provides the opportunity of meeting several people in a short span of time. This new version of dating was created Rabbi Yaacov Deyo, a Los Angeles resident who reinvented matching opportunities for Jewish singles. But like any other endeavour, speed dating has its pros and cons.

The pros

Unlike normal dating set ups, you can meet several people in one environment. You don’t have to worry about contacting friends and acquaintances for matching opportunities. The set up also suits people with busy lifestyles. In an hour or so you can date and meet people without worrying about being late for a meeting.

Another benefit of speed dating is the adrenaline rush. The rush of meeting several individuals allows you to act more confident and warm towards strangers. You also avoid the awkward question at the end of normal dates: will there be a second date?

The cons

The main downside to speed dating is the time you spend with each person. Unlike normal dates, you only have five minutes to get to know someone. It is all about making first impressions. But even that impression isn’t enough to justify and completely know the person.

The next con: the competition. You are doing this speed dating thing with many other men and women. You have to make a strong impact with the few minutes of conversation given for each potential date. Some even get no call backs from the people they meet in one speed dating event. That’s definitely a huge blow on your ego and self-esteem.

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