Top Destinations for a Blind Date in Canada

Going on a blind date is riskier than dating someone you’ve already met.

You have no clue how the person acts, speaks, and looks. It is a total gamble: you will come out losing or winning in the end.

Fist things first

To prevent awkwardness and tension, ask your mutual contact for some details about your date. What are his or her interests? What is his or her job? From these details, you’ll be able to pick an appropriate venue and initiate the right conversation topics.

The venue for the date

The venue you pick sets the tone for your date night. Based on the information you already know, choose a place relevant to his or her interests.

If your friend says the date is an artist, meet in an art gallery. If you are not sure of his or her interests, meet in a public area like a coffee shop or restaurant.

If you decide to eat, ask first if your blind date is allergic to any foods. You definitely don’t want to offend your vegetarian date in a steak house.

Fun first date

One potentially fun first date venue is an amusement park!

Here you can bring out your inner child and enjoy each other’s company. There won’t be room for awkward moments but there will be opportunities for getting to know in a ferris wheel.

You might not bring him or her for a second date but at least you will have some fun. If you have absolutely no clue about the person, try bringing them to a movie or concert. Make sure the movie is something they will like.

If it’s possible, bring them to a concert of their favourite artist or preferred music genre.

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